Indo American Joke

In a New York sidewalk, Indian is enjoying a hearty breakfast " Coffee, croissants, toast, butter, jam, etc.
While an American, chewing a gum, sat next to him and started an unwanted conversation

American: You Indians eat the whole bread?
Indian: Of course!

American: (Blowing bubbles with his gum) we don't. We, Americans only
Eat what's inside. The crust we collect in a container, recycle, make these into croissants and sell these to the India.

American: Do you eat jam with bread?
Indian: Of course!

American: (Chuckling and crackling his gum between his teeth) we don't.
Americans eat fruits at breakfast, put all the peels, seeds and leftovers into containers, turn these into jam and sell it to the India

Indian: Do you have sex in America?
American: Of course, we do!

Indian: What do you do with the condoms?
American: We throw them, of course!
Indian : We don't. In India, we put them into containers, recycle them, turn them into chewing gums and sell it to America!!

Super Nano Racing Car

A Nano breaks down on a roadside & a BMW 750 stops to help the old driver.

"I will tow you to the next service station, but if I drive too fast, please flash your lights."

They set up slowly but only a mile or so down the line a Porsche speeds past 120 miles an hour.

The BMW driver forgets about the Nano & guns it after the Porsche....

Just as all 3 of them tear through a speed trap the cop radios the HQ 

"You won't believe I have a BMW & Porsche raising past 120 mile an hr with a Nano flashing its lights to Overtake ..


A rapist entered bedroom, 
tied up husband nd wife .. 
kissed wife's ear nd went to bathroom ..

Husband told wife - "Satisfy him or he will kill us strong. I luv u dear"..!

Wife - "He didnt kiss me, he whispered in my ear that he is gay, needs Vaseline and I told him its in the bathroom b strong. I luv u too"..!!  :)